Doung Ding Co., Ltd.

About Us

    Doung Ding Co., Ltd. is a company which focuses on the solutions integrating Android and Linux systems with AIOT software. Recently, we pay more attention on developing the computer vision technique and the speech-to-text technique.

    Based on the abundent experiences of developing embedded systems and original design manufactures, Doung Ding Co., Ltd. could provides the solutions integrating Android and Linux systems with AIOT software. We support our clients to generate a brand new idea, develop a creative product, and keep competitive in the rapidly changing IoT world. Since Doung Ding Co., Ltd. is responsible for handling system developing and manufacturing issues, clients can focus on optimizing user experience and shaping the product differentiation. Moreover, due to our professional technology and innovative services, we can help our clients to meet their needs.

    Integrity, Honesty, innovation, and profession have always been Dong Ding’s consistent belief and commitment to our clients. Furthermore, Dong Ding Co., Ltd. will be the most reliable partner of clients.

Professional Expertise

      ​Artificial Intelligence, Android & Linux, and IoT are the technical core of the Dongding Co,. Ltd.. We are a creative team with strong execution, and good at communication and integrate the application of AI, Android & Linux systems, and the IoT applications.

    Doung Ding Co., Ltd. is committed to the integration of AI applications, assisting in the development of devices and systems, and improving the workflow in various fields. For example, in the past, factories could only monitor meters by human beings, which cost a lot of budget. Nowadays, thanks to the application of AI image recognition system, factories can save the labor costs by using AI detection system to identify the data and collect the data into the central control system. Meanwhile, the system could instantly alert and respond to any abnormal values.

Our Services


1.Customized appication and delopment of software

2.AI & database integration development

3.Cloud database integration development


1.PCB design and development

2.Product design

3.Firmware development

Independent Design and Development

1.Development of AI computer vision system

2.Development of AI speech-to-text technique

Customized Design and Development

1.Predictive maintenance system

2.Customized software development