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    Industrial safety accident is the most terrible thing that companies might have to solve. As a result, companies usually hire employees to monitor every staff’s dressing and behavior in order to reduce the risk of accident. Also, companies educate their staffs how to operate machines properly. However, there is still a high pobability that an industrial safety accident occurs if they only rely on human inspection. Moreover, it increases the human expenditure of monitoring.

    However, we can use AI image recognition system to reduce the probability of the occurrence of the industrial safety incident. For instance, a AI image recognition system can distinguish if a staff dresses correctly and meets the requirement of the rule or not. Accordingly, we can use this kind of system to reduce the risk of the occurence of industrial safety incidents.

Flow chart of mask and protective clothing identification system

Before entering the work area, staff must pass the “identity confirmation” and “protective clothing confirmation”. After completing the confirmation, the information will be sent to the security host, and the security host will transmit instructions to the PLC to perform the magnetic unlocking action.

Intelligent Image Recognition System

AIP-2G374-A Product Specifications

Items Contents
LAN 2 x RJ-45 ports for GbE, front side 4 x M12-male 8P connector, IP67 for PoE, A-coded, rear side (with total 30W power budget)
USB Port 4 x USB 3.0 ports
Dimensions (W x D x H) 225 x 292 x 90 mm
Weight 6.4kg (14.1 Ib )
sim card slot Yes
Power Input DC 9 ~ 36V input
Operating Temp. -40 ~ 70°C

Protective clothing recognition