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Instrument board/ panel recognition

    For the monitoring of instrument boards/panels in semiconductor factories, most of the instrument boards/panels of machines do not able to transmit data to SCADA, so the companies have to rely on manual monitoring, and those instrument boards/panels are difficult to respond immediately.

    However, we can obtain the data immediately if we use the instrument board recognition system. By setting up the device of the instrument board recognition system in front of the instrument board/panel that needs to be monitored, we can use the device to capture the screen regularly for identification, uploading the data to the Modbus server, and import the data into the SCADA system for real-time response processing. Thanks to the instrument board/panel recognition system, the factory internal process management is smoother.

Architecture diagram of the meter intelligent identification system

      In this picture, the image recognition system will first transmit the recognition results to the Modbus server and connect it with the company’s internal SCADA. Second, The cloud database can also be used to collect data for the clients’ needs. Third, this system establishes a back-end system to show the real-time data and provide graphs. Last but not least, the system can also arrange scheduling, and set the warning notification, etc.

Intelligent Image Recognition System

Items Contents
LAN Wired (RJ45) and wireless (Wifi 2.4G, support wireless hotspot AP mode)
Sensing element 8MP SONY 1/4" CMOS
Camera lens Horizontal viewing angle 60° Vertical viewing angle 48° Manual focus distance 15 cm to infinity
Communication protocol MQTT (including proxy server function), open database reading, WebAPI
Dimensions (W x D x H) 63x114x31 mm
Fixing hole Standard tripod compatible with 1/4" screw holes
Power Input DC 5V/2.5A
Operating temperature 10 ~ 60 ℃



Pointer type instrument board/panel recognition

Digital type instrument board/panel recognition


Application Features


Current Problems and Advantages of This System

Issues and Challenges in the traditional way

  • Human error
  • Time-consuming and labor-intensive
  • Poor environment
  • Unable to detect exceptions timely
  • Lack of database

Benefits of Using Intelligent Image Recognition System

  • Easily established
  • Immediate notification of abnormal conditions
  • Data analysis
  • Stability monitoring
  • Supports simultaneous identification of multiple headers