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Fog/smoke detection

      Smoke detection can be mainly used in environmental protection, air pollution or fire safety. Using AI technology to identify smoke, it can detect whether there is a pall of smoke. The system can obtain smoke data according to the identified picture, and then show how dense the smoke is. If the system is applied to the field of fire safety, it will issue an alarm if a room is filled of smoke.If it is applied to the field of environmental protection and air pollution, it can provide a reference for inspectors to report.

Smoke Detection Scenarios

Scenario : Factory chimney exhaust

By determining the smoke block and then drawing the smoke edge, we can estimate whether the smoke emission of the chimney meets the standard.

Scenario : Exhaust pipe

In an era of such well developed transportation, we can effectively supervise the emission of the exhaust gas and maintain air quality by using AI images to identify the opacity of exhaust pipe smoke.

Scenario : explosion and fire detection

Smoke detection can also be applied to prevent fires. By detecting smoke, potential accidental threats can be found early to avoid larger disasters.