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Motor detection system

      The electric motor plays an extremely important role in industrial production and is the key to the composition of the equipment. If the motor is damaged without any warning and makes the machine shutdown, it will have a great impact on the production capacity. Therefore, we need to use the monitoring system to help us know the status of the eletric motor, and identify possible potential problems, so that we can avoid unforeseen heavy losses.

Motor detection architecture diagram -- Bluetooth version

▲Through the sensor which is installed in the motor, the data, such as temperature data and vibration data, will be transmitted to the IoT protocol conversion gateway through Bluetooth transmission. After that the host will retrieve the data from the IoT protocol conversion gateway. Therefore, the user can monitor the condition of the motor through the back-end interface.

Home page of the backstage system

▲The brightly colored background system makes you can see the motor status easily at the first glance. More, the simple and neat system interface makes it easy for the factory staff to understand the equipment status immediately even if they do not have any technical background.