Doung Ding Co., Ltd.

Customized design

      Our company specializes in all kinds of programs, including the design and development of APPs, application software, background management system, embedded system, and AI image recognition. Our team of engineers has rich development experience in developing in Windows / Unix platform, and mobile devices. As a result, we can provide our clients with abundant services to enable them enjoy the best development quality.

We develop the tailor-made software system for our clients through the mature and advanced technology and quality assurance process.

We formulate relevant strategies and evaluate potential threats and vulnerabilities, that comply with information security standards, to develop information systems and conduct website vulnerability scanning and source code detection.

We provide IaaS services, and the services of development, storage and maintenance of cloud databases. In addition, we provide consulting on architecture planning, allowing clients to save their budgets and obtain high-quality services at the same time.

Using cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning to design customized software for enterprises, we can help our clients to greatly reduce labor operating costs. The artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can be applied in several fields, such as smart manufacturing, smart retail, and smart healthcare.

We provide customoized MCU development, and we can help our clients to integrate the peripheral equipment functions, such as GPS, KeyPad, 5G, Wifi, and camera, etc.

We provide the services of Andriod/iOS Native App development and cross-platform WebApp development.

development environment

Linux、Mac OS

database system

MySQL、MS-SQL、SQLite、Access、Oracle、PostqreSQL、Mango DB

programming language

C/C++、C#、Java、Python、GO、PHP、HTML、CSS、JavaScript (jQuery)、VB、Swift

development tools

Visual Studio、XCode (Mac)、Eclipse IDE (Java)